Federal Income Tax Info for Resource Parents

Federal Income Tax Information for Foster Adoptive & Kinship Parents

Links to IRS Federal Income Tax Information for Foster Adoptive & Kinship Parents

IRS income tax publications, forms and instructions that may be useful to foster adoptive & kinship parents.

Please note: These links are offered as a convenience and are not intended to imply anyone viewing the information will qualify.

FAFS suggests that, if you are not sure whether you will qualify, you should contact the IRS at www.irs.gov or at 1-800-829-1040, or consult with your professional tax preparer.

Can I claim an exemption for my child in care?

Publication 501: Exemptions, Standard Deduction, and Filing Information
Provides regulations regarding exemptions and who can be claimed.

Who can claim the Child Tax Credit?

Publication 972: Child Tax Credit
Provides regulations regarding qualifications to claim the child tax credit.

What is the Adoption Tax Credit?

Instructions for Form 8839 and Form 8839
Provides regulations on who qualifies to claim an Adoption Tax Credit, instructions on how to complete the claim form and the printable form.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Adoption Tax Credit

Adoption Benefits FAQs

1040 Forms Needed to Claim Some Credits and Instructions

  • Form 1040
  • Form 1040 Instructions
  • Form 1040A
  • Form 1040A Instructions
  • Tax Guide for Individuals: Publication 17 (Contains information on all of the above)
  • IRS Form and Instruction Selection Page
  • Additional Information from FAFS

    Adoption Tax Credit Information
    Claiming a Dependent Exemption for a Child in Foster Care
    Adoption Tax Credit Information For Adoptions Finalized Prior to 2012

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