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FAFS Contact Information

Volunteer Manual

Volunteer Record of Hours

Volunteer Record of Hours Online Form


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Volunteer Forms

Connecting Families Program Manual

Connecting Families Volunteer Agreement/Release and Waiver

Volunteer Chair Services Description


Stationary Request Form

Online Stationary Request Form

Event Forms

Event Application

Online Event Application

Insurance Certificate Form

Event Follow-Up Report

Online Event Follow-Up

Event Forms for Non-Registered Volunteer

Event Contact Checklist

Event Task List

Group Volunteer Sign In Sheet

Volunteer Sign In Sheet

Financial Forms

Vendor W-9

Internal Deposit

Volunteer Expense Voucher

Cash Donation Request Form

Online Cash Donation Request Form

Quarterly Donor Report

Online Quarterly Donor Report Form

Dreamers and Believers

Fostering Wishes

Meeting Forms

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Attendance

Meeting Minutes

Online Community Based Training Request Form

Community Based Training Request Form

Community Based Training for DCF Approval Form

Pre-Approved Community Based Training List

Babysitting Services Forms

Babysitting Application

Babysitter Reference Check

Babysitter Stipend Request

Babysitting Sign In/Sign Out


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Hear to Heart Mentor Guide

Heart to Heart Mentor Agreement and Description

Mentor Forms

Mentor Contact Form

Online Mentor Contact Form


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Resource Parent Speakers Bureau Guide

Resource Parent Speakers Bureau Volunteer Services Description


RSPB Event Follow-Up Form

Online RSPB Event Follow-Up Form