Enrichment for Foster Adoptive & Kinship Children

New Enrichment Opportunity for Foster Adopted & Kinship Children

New Enrichment Opportunity for Foster Adopted & Kinship Children – Dreamers and Believers

Make a dream come true for a child who is, or has been, in foster care in New Jersey.

Think back to your childhood music lessons. Remember the first time you played a song all the way through without making any mistakes? You felt so proud! That experience gave you the confidence to try a harder song next time, as well as a love of music that brought lifelong enjoyment into your life.

Remember your first tryout for the soccer team? You were excited, but nervous too. Your coach took extra time helping you along, helping you hone your skills and get better and better. But technique wasn’t all you were taught. You also learned how to win and lose graciously and how to work together with others as a team – skills that served you well both on the field and off.

FAFS’ Dreamers and Believers (formerly Self Esteem Dreams), made possible with funding from the Dreams R Us Foundation and people just like you, gives children who are, or have been, in foster care in New Jersey experiences that enrich their lives.

An expansion of our Fostering Wishes for Children program, FAFS’ Dreamers and Believers helps foster, adoptive and kinship families give children in their home the chance to delve deeper into activities they enjoy. For example, a Fostering Wishes for Children $75 mini-grant helps a child purchase a pair of dance shoes; a Self Esteem Dreams grant provides the funding for a week at dance camp.

When you support FAFS’ Dreamers and Believers, you provide enrichment for foster adopted & kinship children by helping fund experiences based upon their exceptional abilities, skills or interests. Whether a young person chooses music lessons, art lessons, science camp, equestrian camp, dance lessons, advanced level tutoring, sports camp or another activity, with your help he/she will be building skills and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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