educational supports for homeless foster youth

Educational Supports for Homeless Foster Youth

FAFS’ Educational Supports for Homeless Foster Youth program helps New Jersey Foster Care Scholars youth with a history of homelessness who aren’t eligible for specific supports through other state and federal programs. Although these students are able to receive assistance towards tuition and fees at their postsecondary institution, the cost of room and board, books, supplies and living expenses is not covered.

Having help with these essentials can often be the difference between staying in school and having to quit. For many of our students, receiving these educational supports is also the difference between eventually being able to live independently and remaining homeless.

FAFS’ Educational Supports for Homeless Foster Youth program aims to lessen the financial burden for these NJFC Scholars by providing them with transportation assistance, food cards, equipment such as computers or supplies and other requests that support them in their academic success.

All of these young men and women work hard and dream of getting a college education. They are determined to not let their past define their future. Won’t you help them make their dreams for a better life come true by donating today?

“It is because of your generosity that I can afford to go to school and concentrate on my [studies]. I’m the only person providing for myself, and food would have been a financial burden. I wouldn’t be able to focus on my studies had I not been able to afford food. I was nervous that I might run out of food, but thanks to you, I won’t have to worry about it this semester…I very much appreciate that you did not turn down my request for help. You gave me great comfort by showing me that I have people who wish me to succeed. Using your support, I will be successful in school.”

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