Outstanding Adoptive Family (Adopted Through DCP&P)

Outstanding Adoptive Family (Adopted Through DCP&P)

  • INFORMATION ABOUT THE NOMINEE (Please provide as much information as possible.)



  • The following paragraph is to serve as a guideline and not a concrete rule for the type of information the Award Committee is seeking. Please feel free to add additional information. Use the space below to complete your nomination. Describe the reasons you have nominated this individual/family for this award. Address any specific effort made by the nominee to heighten awareness of foster care, adoption and/or kinship care. Describe the nominee's extraordinary commitment to resource families or children in care. Describe the impact he or she has made on the foster, adoptive and kinship community. Finally, discuss the nominee's contribution to any or all of the following: foster care, adoption recruitment, kinship care, retention and/or community outreach for the benefit of children in foster care or kinship care. Please feel free to add any other information that you think will highlight the individual's or family's talents or achievements related to foster care, adoption or kinship care. Applications must be received by March 13, 2017.

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