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Services for Foster Parents

FAFS Family Advocates
Our Family Advocates provide individualized one-on-one support to foster, adoptive and kinship parents through every step of their journey. It’s never too early to reach out to them.

Heart to Heart Mentoring
You’re new to this and that’s a wonderful and exciting thing. However, like anything in life, there will be tough times where you need someone who not only understands how you’re feeling — but who has been through it themselves. Through our Heart to Heart Mentoring program, we can set you up with a mentor who uniquely matches what you’re going through.

Connecting Families Community
Looking to meet up with other foster parents to share in the laughter and tears of the foster care experience?

Programs for Foster Children

Fostering Wishes
Our Fostering Wishes for Children program grants wishes for foster children for the “little extras” in life that, often times, the State and foster parents are unable to provide due to financial constraints.One $75 mini-grant is available per foster child in NJ each year.

Dreamers and Believers
Our Dreamers and Believers provides enrichment experiences for foster children and those who have been in foster care (up to age 21). Dreamers and Believers Grants are available in amounts of up to $600 per foster child in NJ.

We Heart Birthdays
Our We Heart Birthdays program aims to make sure birthdays for foster and kinship children in NJ are special moments they’ll treasure a lifetime. By providing foster child with a gift on their birthday, we hope to let foster and kinship children and youth in New Jersey know that there is a community of people who deeply care and want them to celebrate their birthdays in style.

Private Scholarships
Our Private Scholarships offer youth who were or are in the foster care system a chance to pursue their educational or vocational goals.

Discounts for You and Your Family

Looking for a fun day of rides, games and maybe even a roller coaster or two? We’ve got a discount for you at one of NJ’s most popular amusement parks. To access your special tickets, please click here then log into the site with the username and password provided.

Username: familyga
Password (Case Sensitive): SixFlags1

Help Foster Children and the Families Who Care for Them

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