Private Scholarships & Grants for Foster Youth

Private Scholarships & Grants for Foster Youth

Private Scholarships & Grants for Foster Youth & Youth Adopted from Foster Care & Youth in Kinship Legal Guardianship in NJ

Imagine that you’re moving into your dormitory on your first day of college. Across the hall, a Mom helps her daughter unfold the hot pink bedding they bought together at the mall. Next door, a Dad carries a crate of Ramen Noodles from the big box store into his son’s room, so he’ll have fuel for those late night study sessions. When it’s time for their parents to go, you watch as your classmates get hugs and kisses all around. You hear a proud Dad say those reassuring words, “Call me if you need anything.”

You’ve been in foster care since you were nine years old, a victim of your biological parents’ abuse and neglect. There is no Mom to miss you and no Dad to turn to for extra cash or food. At eighteen, you are truly on your own. You are determined to finish college to make a better life for yourself, but you wonder, “How will I succeed without support?”

FAFS’ Private Scholarships and Opportunity Grants provide foster youth with the support they need to complete their education and live independently. When you donate to FAFS’ Scholarship and Opportunity Grants, you give much more than money to a youth who has been in foster care. You give a young woman the means to realize her dream of becoming a teacher, so she can be a positive role model to a little girl, and in doing so, make a positive difference in both their lives. You give a young man the chance to become a police officer – a goal he has set for himself so he can help children stay safe and become responsible, self-sufficient adults.

“Some people have looked at my life and said, “He doesn’t have a chance,” but thanks to determination, a loving no-nonsense foster, then adoptive, mother, and a little bit of luck, I believe my life has great promise! Once I have earned my Bachelor’s Degree, I want to come back to my neighborhood and mentor young children so they can know that if I can graduate from college, then so can they!”

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FAFS has awarded 170 private scholarships and opportunity grants for former and current NJ foster youth since 2004. The majority of recipients of FAFS’ Private Scholarships pursue paths that allow them to give back to the community. Whether they choose careers in education, medicine, law enforcement or social work, they all express a desire to help others, often in response to the kindness that was shown to them by their foster, adoptive or kinship parents and other caring individuals, like you.

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In addition to our private scholarships for foster youth, FAFS also administers the NJFC Scholars program.

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